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Harbor master under fire at meeting

A senior town official delivered a blistering dressing down of harbor master for spending money without first getting town approval.

Town Administrator lashed out at MacMillan at Thursday's meeting after MacMillan, a state appointee, said he was going to submit a $2002.60 bill to the for repairs and maintenance to the harbor master boat.

"No it's not. As I told you before, you cannot spend a dime of town funds without getting permission," replied the usually placid Crary, who raised his voice on a couple of occasions to cut off MacMillan.

"You do not submit a bill after that fact and say Go ahead and pay it.' This is not Anavar Que Es the way we do business," Crary said. "You are a state employee, you are not a town employee. You do not have the right to require or mandate that the town pay any dime just because you went to (Catalano and Sons) and said I want you to do such and such work' and bill it to the town. That's not the way we do business."

"If a recommendation is required, that's what I will do," MacMillan said.

"I have told you this before. This is not the first time we have had this conversation," Crary snapped back.

The town owned boat MacMillan is loaned for the harbor master's use, Crary said in later comments.

He said he couldn't recall the prior expenditures MacMillan had made, other than to say it was about four months ago.

The selectmen sat quietly throughout the exchange with only Selectman Drew Marzullo questioning, after it ended, what would happen next to the bill.

Crary said there would be a discussion about the expense.

MacMillan later joked he was still recovering from the experience.

He also joked that Crary must share the same background as him.

"I am beginning to wonder if he is a Scot," he said. "He is being careful with the public's money and I think that has to be appreciated, with no matter buy cheap jintropin online how he is doing it."

MacMillan said many difficulties would be resolved if the town had a state approved harbor management plan in place. The town is now studying whether it should adopt one.

"There is new ground being cut here," MacMillan said .

MacMillan said the bill includes a $857 tune up by Catalano and Sons, along with a $151 replacement propeller and $260 for other boat parts, $162 for a computer battery charger and $570 to replace the VHF radio and antenna. He said he could transmit but not receive on the "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" former radio.

In other news at Dianabol 4 Week Course Thursday's meeting, said the town is continuing to look at possible sites for a new fire station in northwest Greenwich and hopes a decision will be made sometime in the fall.

The town purchased a 2.5 acre property at 1327 King St. for nearly $1.3 million in 2004 to build a northwest fire station. But the did not approve the project, believing it was too costly to Equipoise Ethics develop the property.

Tesei said the town looked at another site in northwest Greenwich on Aug. 1; "buy cheap jintropin online" he said the owner apparently purchased Bivirkninger for $2.8 million in the past year. Tesei, who didn't identify the site, said a historic home in on the property.

Separately a company has 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron offered to swap some land in town in return for more space for its employees. Tesei, who didn't name the company, said it has previously made a similar request that was not successful.

The town has also looked at placing its paid firefighters at the station but Tesei said there are still questions about that option. One is whether using that building will meet response times the fire administration is aiming for.