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BLM Accelerates Fundamental Reforms to Wild Horse and Burro Mana

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Fire danger high as fireworks go on saleFire danger high as fireworks go on saleUpdated: Tuesday, June 28 2011 3:47 PM EDT2011 06 28 19:47:13 GMT

The BLM says fire danger elevated as fireworks go on sale. There are fire restrictions on public lands that everyone should be aware of before heading out for the holiday.

Henderson man claims prostitute died during sex gameHenderson man claims prostitute died during sex gameUpdated: Friday, July 1 2011 2:40 AM EDT2011 07 01 06:40:27 GMT

A young woman is dead, and a 50 year old Henderson man is blaming a twisted sex game. Henderson Police, Testosterone Cypionate Peak however, don believe her death was entirely an accident, and they charging James Hill with murder.

Stuck in a sick buildingStuck in a sick buildingUpdated: Friday, July 1 2011 1:45 AM EDT2011 07 01 06:45:39 GMT

Nevada ranks last in the nation in for collecting and distributing child support. Part of the problem may be a sick building. Employees want out and say the county isn doing enough to keep them safe and able to do the job many families count on.

North Las Vegas sets special election dateNorth Las Vegas sets special election dateUpdated: Thursday, June 30 2011 11:54 PM EDT2011 07 01 04:54:28 GMT

The North Las Vegas City Council voted Thursday to hold its Ward 4 special election on July 19th.

Clark County inspectors make sure fireworks booths are safeClark County inspectors make sure fireworks booths are safeUpdated: Thursday, June 30 2011 9:04 PM EDT2011 07 01 01:04:59 GMT

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) Fireworks booths have been open for several days now and Clark County inspectors have made their way through most of the 170 plus booths, making sure each one is up to safety standards.

Fake cop has "K9UNIT" on his personalized license plateFake cop has "K9UNIT" on his personalized license plateUpdated: Thursday, June 30 2011 8:53 PM EDT2011 07 01 01:53:06 GMT

Las Vegas, NV buy cheap jintropin online Another man lands behinds bar accused of posing as a police officer. Investigators say they been on this guy trail for months but there was one specific thing about the guy car that kept catching their eye when they spotted him driving around town.

Source identifies pilot who was killed in F 16 jet crash near CalienteAir Force: Missing pilot likely deadUpdated: Thursday, June 30 2011 8:00 PM EDT2011 07 01 01:00:22 GMT

Courtesy of Forum Communications

Caliente, NV (KTNV) Action News has learned the identity of the pilot who was killed "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" following a crash in an F16c fighter jet. Capt. Eric Ziegler was killed when his fighting falcon went down Tuesday during a training exercise near Caliente.

Same sex marriage tourism boost?Same sex marriage tourism boost?Updated: Thursday, June 30 2011 7:29 PM EDT2011 06 30 23:29:34 GMT

Same sex marriage tourism boost?

Judge rules against Purrfect AutoJudge rules against Purrfect AutoUpdated: Thursday, June 30 2011 6:19 PM EDT2011 06 30 23:19:37 GMT

A judge has made a ruling against Purrfect Auto, and it going to cost the man who in charge of Turinabol Yan Etkileri 11 stores around the valley.

Washington, DC Tren-H100 Global Anabolics Director of the Bureau of Land Management Bob Abbey today announced that following an extensive public process, the agency is accelerating fundamental reforms to how it manages wild horses and burros on public lands.

The proposed strategy announced today includes reducing the number of wild horses removed from the range for at least the next 2 years; reaffirming the central role that the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) on going review of the program will have on science based management decisions; increasing adoptions; significantly expanding the use of fertility control to maintain herd levels; and improving its care and handling procedures to enhance the humane treatment of the animals. The BLM will continue to oppose the killing or slaughter of wild horses or burros as a management practice.

"We taken a top to bottom look at the wild horse and burro program and have come to a straightforward conclusion: we need to move ahead with reforms that build on what is working and move away from what is not," Director Abbey said. "To achieve our goal of "buy cheap jintropin online" improving the health of the herds and America public lands, we need to enlist the help of partners, improve transparency and responsiveness in the program, and reaffirm science as the foundation for management decisions. It will take time to implement these reforms, but as a first step we are aiming to increase adoptions and broaden the use of fertility control. And while we do this, we are reducing removals while NAS helps us ensure that our management is guided by the best available science."

These Bivirkninger reforms respond to the input of more than 9,000 members of the public who commented on last year Wild Horse and Burro Program Strategy Development Document through public meetings and written statements.

Specifically, the BLM proposes to:

NAS study BLM has commissioned the National Academy of Sciences to review previous 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron wild horse management studies and make recommendations on how the BLM should proceed in light of the latest scientific research. The NAS review is expected to be completed in early 2013. Specifically the study will look at the methods for population modeling, the annual rates of population growth, fertility control methods, evaluation of carrying capacity of various lands to support wild horse herds, genetic diversity in wild horse herds, and predator impact on wild horse population growth.

Issue Procedures to Facilitate Long term Care by Partners The BLM will release within the next 30 days specific procedures by which members of the public can apply to enter into partnerships with the federal government for long term care of wild horses that are removed from the public rangeland.